A few weeks ago following a Shoegnome tweet there was some fun discussion on Twitter regarding the Architectural use of ALL CAPS.  AM I YELLING AT YOU?  OR AM I JUST TRYING TO BE 'ARCHITECTY'?


Bond Bryan BIM Blog

Below is a reading list of blog posts by Rob Jackson, BIM Manager and Associate at Bond Bryan Architects in the UK.  This list of posts is on Bond Bryan's dedicated BIM Blog.  Rob Jackson is at the forefront globally regarding OpenBIM and interoperability and advocating for the continued development of recognized standards in IFC and COBie.  I'm putting this list here primarily as a to-do list for myself, but this is great reading for anybody working in ARCHICAD at CJMW.

There is a lot of great material on BIM Blog - extensive lists of links to resources (here are the UK BIM StandardsCOBie and Interoperability resources, for instance), but here I am posting a convenient list of all of Rob's blog posts on BIM Blog.  Much of the content on BIM Blog is UK-centric, but a lot of it is relevant to anyone trying to prepare for where BIM is headed, even here in the US. <raises hand>  While I've read most of Rob's posts, I intend on really diving into all that he has published here, mining it for information and inspiration.

image from Bond Bryan BIM Blog

Bond Bryan Architect's David Hockney Building is the signature building for the upcoming release of ARCHICAD 19,  and is featured on all ARCHICAD 19 marketing materials and in many of the instructional videos for ARCHICAD 19 on ARCHICAD's YouTube Channel.