CJMW Model Exchange

CJMW Model Exchange

This page is provided as documentation and information regarding IFC model exchange with CJMW Architecture. The information contained herein is provided in good faith.

GRAPHISOFT (the company which has developed ARCHICAD, the BIM authoring tool used by CJMW Architecture) makes an Add-In available for Revit users. This Add-In, ARCHICAD Connection for Revit, improves the IFC Import into Revit of an IFC generated in ARCHICAD, and also provides enhancements or optimizations for exporting an IFC from Revit to be used in ARCHICAD.

Please use this link to the ARCHICAD Connection for Revit to find the appropriate one for the version of Revit used.

Model Format

Files exchanged should be in IFC 2x3 (*.ifc) Coordination View 2.0 format.

Autodesk Revit and GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD are both certified for IFC2x3 import and export by buildingSMART International.

Model Review

It is advisable on both sides of BIM collaboration to review the results of exported IFC files in a neutral IFC viewer prior to sending by the exporting party and then also before importing by the receiving party.

CJMW makes use of the following free IFC viewers:

DDS-CAD Viewer (PC)
Solibri Model Viewer (PC / Mac)
Tekla BIMsight (PC)

Model File Exchange

As we continue to expand our collaboration and file exchange, CJMW acknowledge that BIM exchange is not as simple (or simplistic) as 2D DWG exchange and is committed to constinued learning and to continually improving the quality and reliability of our model exports for collaboration.

Any issues or problems with the exchanged IFC files should communicated promptly and clearly in an attempt to rectify any problems or clarify and answer any questions. Exchange of 2D DWG as graphic information supplemental to the IFC model exchange is also encouraged.

Logistics for file exchange will vary from project to project and should be coordinated by the project team from both sides of the collaboration in an agreed-upon exchange method and sequence. Options include file sharing solutions such as Dropbox, Sharefile, or FTP, and might also include email exchange when file sizes meet any attachment limits by both parties.

Upon request, CJMW will make available an IFC 2x3 Coordination View 2.0 file for use as a reference model by consulting partners using Autodesk Revit or other BIM application.

Collaboration and interoperability between various BIM applications remains a developing field. CJMW encourages feedback and clear communication to help improve workflows and facilitate advanced collaboration.