ARCHICAD to IFC Export Tests

Currently at CJMW, BIM handover is not a required deliverable on all of our Projects, but I want to begin the testing and learning process, so that implementation of workflows resulting in higher quality, data-packed BIM can be in place prior to its demand and expectation.  Eventually, it is conceivable that a data-rich BIM deliverable will be required on more of our Projects.

I've begun using a couple of free IFC viewer pieces of software to check our IFC files once exported: Tekla BIMsight and Solibri Model Viewer (the free little brother of Solibri Model Checker, a very robust BIM validation tool).  I don't have any formal training in either of them, but I've begun using Solibri Model Viewer more recently.  Like ARCHICAD, Solibri is made for both Mac and Windows.

(Image from Solibri website)