Creating a New File

Most of us in the office do not create many new Project files in ArchiCAD.  I worked here for at least a couple years before I started a Project from scratch.  When we do, it is crucial that use our CJMW current Template.

This TPL file is what will pre-load our Layers, Libraries, Favorites, Pens, Views, Layouts, and a lot of other stuff you don't want to have to recreate from scratch.

ArchiCAD installs with a couple of default new file templates - one for Commercial and one for Residential.  When I install ArchiCAD on your machines, I point your ArchiCAD to the CJMW New Project Template, rather than either of the ArchiCAD defaults.

When you select File > New > New...


UL Online Certifications Directory

Since I was already posting a link to the NC Building Codes, I figured I might as well include a link to the UL Online Certifications Directory site also.

Once you've identified your required UL Design number, search for that UL, download the current PDF (I usually scroll to the bottom, select Print this Page and then use Adobe PDF as my printer), save that to your Project directory at

F:\Proj\xx-xxxx\Drawings\!ArchiCAD Documents\3 Project Data\Import\UL

Place the PDF into your Layout as an External Drawing (you can Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer).  UL Designs periodically get updated, so it is important to use current Designs and to not rely on borrowing them from previous Projects as it may be out of date.

North Carolina State Building Code

You probably already know these were available, but just in case you didn't, the North Carolina State Building Codes are available to view online.

According to the site, "The files found on this site are in a read only format and are not available for printing."  They are certainly searchable, and it does look like you can save the PDFs too.


CJMW Corporate Seal

I’ve recently changed the CJMW Corporate Seal for use in ArchiCAD 18 to use our current name “CJMW Architecture P.A.” and not our mouthful-of-an-old-name “Calloway Johnson Moore & West, P.A.”, but I had not prepared that seal for use in v17.  Why?  I dunno.  It is there now.