Teamwork Housekeeping

The Teamwork Toolbar:

A little housekeeping, relative to Teamwork Projects:

  • Open / Join Teamwork Projects that you are scheduled to work on. Of course.
  • Reserve only the Elements you need in order to perform the tasks assigned to you, whether those are 3D Model Elements like Walls, Ceilings, Doors, or whether they are Project Settings like Views, Layouts, and Publisher Sets.
  • Send & Receive periodically. Hourly is a good place to start. Every 5 minutes is recommended by one of my ARCHICAD Gurus.
  • Send & Receive, and also Release All if you are leaving for lunch or at the end of the day, at a minimum.
  • If ARCHICAD requests a PLN Backup, hit Continue to allow ARCHICAD to save a PLN Backup to the BIM Server.
  • Exit the Project (File > Exit) at the end of the day, unless you plan on working from home that night.
  • Leave the Teamwork Project (File > Leave Teamwork Project) at the end of the week, unless you plan on working on it over the weekend. This will clean out your Local Data.
  • Shut Down or Restart your machine periodically; over the weekend if you don't typically need to access it then.
  • Clean up Local Data for Projects and Libraries when prompted by ARCHICAD.
  • At the beginning of the following week, Join the Teamwork Project (File > Open > Open/Join Teamwork Project).


Print a Trace Reference

Recently, someone in the office asked me if they could Print a Trace Reference. I said 'no'. I didn't think you could. Then today Carolyn said she felt like she'd done it before. She sent me a link to an article about it.

I am sure there might be some instances in which printing something from ARCHICAD with a Trace Reference turned on can be quite helpful. I didn't even know it was possible and had not even seen the little checkbox in the Print Preferences.

Here is Cadimage Blog's little tip about Printing the Trace Reference.

image: Cadimage

You won't want to work in a Project with Trace References turned on in all of the Views or Layouts, so use TRs when needed, then toggle them off once you've referencing something. Otherwise, they really bog down your file navigation.