Concepts, Theory

Here are a few examples of some ArchiCAD theory from On Land (the on-line ArchiCAD manual for Rill Architects in Bethesda, MD).  James Murray, the guy who maintains this site for Rill, is one of the ArchiCAD gurus for Jared Banks, aka Shoegnome, who is one of the pre-eminent ArchiCAD gurus out there right now, and certainly one of my ArchiCAD Heroes.

Note that these articles were all written nearly a decade ago, so there will be a few items mentioned in these articles that will be outdated, issues that have been fixed or have been rendered non-issues by features that have been added in subsequent versions of ArchiCAD.  But MOST of what James has written here is still relevant and is super informative.


In-House Plotting

If you are printing drawings on the plotter in-house, and if you install the last roll of paper or if you notice that we are down to our last roll of either 22", 30", or 36" wide paper - it is typically kept under the table directly behind the plotter -  please notify Britton so that additional paper can be ordered.

Also, if you are planning to print several large sets and will be using a lot of paper, check to see how many rolls of that size we currently have and notify Britton if it is low.


Teamwork Projects, Local Data. To Leave, or Exit?

Often I’ll get into a Teamwork project and notice some Users in the list in the Teamwork Palette who have not been in the project for a long time.  Sometimes this list will be populated with several people who weren’t even regularly work on the project.

If you are only popping in to the project to steal a detail, to check something, or if you have helped out in a pinch but may not need to get back in to a particular Teamwork file, it is a good idea to Leave the project (File > Leave Teamwork Project, or by going to Teamwork > Project > Leave Teamwork Project).


Work Environment

Much of ArchiCAD's User Interface, such as the number and location of Toolbars and Palettes, Autosave frequency intervals, Keyboard Shortcuts, Background and other on-screen colors, and much more is set up and save here.  In the Work Environment, certain Preferences are saved as Schemes, and the organization of each of these Schemes is saved as a Profile.

First Post

This is the first post on the CJMW ARCHICAD page.