Flipping Section Markers

Sometimes we place a Section Marker facing one way, and sometimes we need to change the direction that Section Marker is looking.

The Section Marker is represented in Plan in the image below.  Our Wall Sections use a Marker with a Marker Head on one end and a tail or flag on the opposite end.  Our Building Sections use Marker Heads on both ends.  There are Favorites for each.


Using Autotext in Labels and General Notes (and in Schedules?)

A couple of people in the office have asked recently about Autotext.  Specifically, can Autotext be used in more ways than we have used it - namely, Project Info (Project Name, Project Status, Date of Issue...).

Yes.  We can use ARCHICAD's Autotext in Labels and Text boxes.

I've concocted a situation here for demonstration.

Maybe we've got a Detail on this A0.02 Layout as well as a General Note referring to that Detail.  I said I concocted this - I didn't have a real-world example handy...


IFC First Steps, Tags & Categories Panel

In planning for the future, and in preparing for building higher quality models which are truly Building Information Models (BIM), one of the first areas on which we can focus is the Tags & Categories Panel of any Element's Settings Dialog in ArchiCAD.

In the Tags & Categories Panel we want to be sure to, as accurately as possible, appropriately assign just a few settings in order to more accurately describe the Element modeled.  These ArchiCAD Settings are mapped to and become IFC parameters outside ArchiCAD.