Opening a Project When Launching ArchiCAD

I have wanted to talk about the process by which we open projects upon launching ArchiCAD.  When greeted with the opening file selection prompt screen, it is a pretty common practice to pick from the Select a recent Project list.  But I want to discourage that.

As seen here, however, because I have recently opened a series of Manual Backups of the same Project for which I have also recently accessed the Teamwork file on the BIM Server, I could very easily select the wrong 12-0180 file.

Another reason to avoid picking from the Recent Project list: if you are working in a Teamwork file and perform a Manual Backup (you are performing regular Manual Backups, right?  I’ll send out a reminder on that process soon.) by doing a File à Save As à PLN to the Manual Backups folder in the Project’s directory, you save a copy to that location but remain in the Teamwork file.  If, on the other hand, you are working in a solo Project PLN file and perform the very same File à Save As à PLN to the Manual Backups folder, you are then active in the newly saved backup file.  This is a very important difference to understand!  Reread this paragraph if you want.  So if you’re working in a solo PLN file and are performing Manual Backups regularly, your Recent Projects list could be quite confusing with several versions of the same Project all lumped together as Recent files.  Accidentally choosing the wrong one from the Recent list can very easily lead to work being done in a Backup file and not in the current and active Project file.

So what’s the solution?

It is advisable to select either of the two options above that; either to Browse for a Solo Project, or to Browse for a Teamwork Project.  Each selection will then take you to the appropriate dialog box for selecting the desired file.  The first option will take you to the location of the most recently opened PLN Solo Project, and the second option will take you to the dialog box for selecting a Teamwork Project from the BIM Server.

Whether Browsing for a solo PLN or for a Teamwork file on the BIM Server, this dialog box also allows you to choose your Work Environment Profile prior to opening your chosen Project.

Getting in the habit of using the Browse options will dramatically lessen the chances that work will be done in the wrong file, and also importantly will reinforce the path to the correct file, either on the F: drive or on the BIM Server through intentional navigation to the appropriate file.  I’ve talked about intention before.  I’ll mention it again.