Favorites, Favorites, Favorites.  It has been a topic on the to-do list of the Tutorial Tuesday page ever since the beginning.

Periodically I've updated the Favorites in the current CJMW Template, but I hadn't formalized a method for pushing that out to ongoing Projects.  Until now.  Well, technically, I cannot push it into your Project, but you'll be able to import it into your Project.  I'll explain how.

I have saved on the V: drive (V:\ArchiCAD\CJMW Favorites), a PRF file, which is a file of the current Favorites that can be imported into existing and ongoing Projects.  This is a file that I will be able to keep up-to-date as I make changes or (more importantly) augment with more and more Favorites content.  When I do make significant changes, I'll send out a quick notice that new / updated Favorites can be added to your Project.

Using standardized Favorites will allow for greater consistency across all Projects in terms of things like Pen and Font selection in Text and Label Elements, consistent use of Building Materials for certain modeled Elements, consistent Font, Pen, tick size, Layer selection and witness line gap in Dimensions, correct Font and Pen and Drawing Title settings for Views placed on Layouts...  Lots of choices in ArchiCAD can be simplified through a dedicated use of Project Favorites.

I've talked for a long time in our regular Tutorial sessions about adding a lot more Favorites to the Template.  I've delayed in doing that long enough, and now that we can define a process for updating those Favorites across Projects, I'll stop procrastinating and will follow through with that promise.

You might have added some custom Favorites to a Project you're currently working on, and if so, get in touch with me, so we can work on how best to merge in new and updated Favorites without getting rid of one you've set up.  If you have not made any significant changes to the Favorites in a Project on which you are working, follow these steps:

If you are in a Teamwork Project, you'll need to Reserve the Favorites Palette (Reserve button is at the bottom of the Palette).  If you have not been working with the Favorites Palette always visible on screen, now is the time to start doing so.  If you haven't and need to get the Palette up, go to Window > Palettes > Favorites.  If you're using one of the CJMW Work Environments I created, there is a keyboard shorcut Ctrl + Alt +F hide / show the Favorites Palette.

You'll notice that the list of Favorites is long and includes all Favorites in a long list.  However, the list shortens to only the relevant Favorites when any given Tool is activated in the Toolbox.

To import the current Favorites for Projects in ArchiCAD v17, click the small black triangle at the top right of the Palette which opens a flyout menu:

Then click Load Favorites... to browse to the location on the server where the PRF (Favorites Preference file) is located (V:\ArchiCAD\CJMW Favorites) and pick the current PRF:

Then select Replace from the options.  Picking Merge will merge in all Favorites contained in the PRF and include them alongside any existing Favorites in your Project, essentially at least doubling the number of Favorites in your file, many of which will have the duplicate names.  (If you have a Favorite in your file that you cannot live without, or that would be hard to duplicate, let's consider deleting out all unneeded Favorites prior to Merging.  As I mentioned above, get with me if you have this situation.)

Once you have the current Favorites imported, to use them, the relevant Favorites are displayed when, for instance:

1. Dimension Tool is activated
2. Favorites list is shortened to show only Dimension Favorites

Alternatively, the Favorites can be displayed in either the Default Tool Settings Dialog or the Selected Settings if you have an Element selected in the current View.  Again, using the Dimension as an example:

1. Dimension Tool is activated (Info Box says Default Settings, if a Dimension Element was selected, it would say Selected)
2. In the Settings Dialog, click the Favorites button at the top left
3. Then select the appropriate Favorite, which will change the OK button to say Apply.

As we move forward, please let me know if you have questions about this or if you find incorrect settings in any of the Favorites.  Also, if there are additional Favorites you'd like added to the list (and hopefully there are), let me know that too, and I'll get those added if they are applicable across multiple projects.

One thing to note, if you click the flyout menu on the Favorites Palette as above and look at Favorite Preferences, and then sort by Group by Parameter, you'll see that Home Story is checked.  Then see the note at the bottom of this dialog box: the Home Story setting will not be applied in any of the Favorites.  This means that if say the 1st Floor were the Current Story when a Favorite was saved, it will not be applied as the Home Story, thereby causing problems if you were trying to place an Element on a different Story.  This is a setting I had overlooked for a long time and caused some confusion in the Favorites settings for some Walls, Slabs, Doors, etc.

For more information, don't forget to look in the Additional Resources section.  Both the Articles and Blog Posts page and the Instructional Videos page have links to additional information online.