Using Autotext in Labels and General Notes (and in Schedules?)

A couple of people in the office have asked recently about Autotext.  Specifically, can Autotext be used in more ways than we have used it - namely, Project Info (Project Name, Project Status, Date of Issue...).

Yes.  We can use ARCHICAD's Autotext in Labels and Text boxes.

I've concocted a situation here for demonstration.

Maybe we've got a Detail on this A0.02 Layout as well as a General Note referring to that Detail.  I said I concocted this - I didn't have a real-world example handy...

In the above example the text in Note 10 containing a reference to A1/A0.02 is dumb text that is pointing someone the real world to look at that Detail for more information.  There is no connection here; if the Detail moves, the Note will be referring to either nothing or something wrong.  Either way: not good.

If we right click on the Detail Drawing, from the context menu we can Set as Autotext Reference.

Then we can go to the Worksheet containing these General Notes, find Note 10 and edit it.  Here it is with the dumb text referring to our Detail:

So if we edit the text and remove the dumb A1/A0.02 and click the Insert Autotext button (the second button from the left, with the 'A' and the update icon) in the text editor...

Then we can select the drop-down menu for Category:, and select our Detail from A0.02 WALL PRIORITY LEGEND:

Once the Reference for "WALL PRIORITY LEGEND" is selected, we can assign various pieces of information relevant to that Detail.  In the image below, I've already selected Drawing ID ref. (and you can see the highlighted Autotext containing "A1" in the background), then I've added slash manually, and I am about to select Layout ID ref.

Here it is with both the Drawing ID and Layout ID references set, with a manually placed slash between them:

Now if we go back to A0.02, we'll see exactly what we saw earlier, only this Note 10 is actually linked to the Detail A1/A0.02:

If the Detail moves, the Note stays coordinated (I said it was a concocted example!):

So, we can use this handy feature for coordinating Labels and Text with placed Drawings on Layouts - if you need to refer in a Note in a Wall Section to a particular Detail, for instance - but can we use these same smart features in Schedules to link, say a Door's Head / Jamb Details to a particular placed Detail Drawing so that if that Detail has to move on the Layout or if that Layout gets renumbered the Head / Jamb reference in the Schedule will follow along and remain coordinated? (someone recently asked for this)  Sadly, no.  The rich text of the Text Box editor becomes just plain text when pasted into a cell in the schedule.  So it doesn't seem like there is a great way to coordinate those tedious Head / Jamb references to placed Details...yet.  I did a bit of research on ARCHICAD-Talk and found a discussion from years ago seeking a solution to this same problem...and came up with no magic solution.  Maybe someday...