Flipping Section Markers

Sometimes we place a Section Marker facing one way, and sometimes we need to change the direction that Section Marker is looking.

The Section Marker is represented in Plan in the image below.  Our Wall Sections use a Marker with a Marker Head on one end and a tail or flag on the opposite end.  Our Building Sections use Marker Heads on both ends.  There are Favorites for each.

1. The line with the bubble head at one end and the tail on the other is defining where the Section Viewpoint is cut.

2. Marked Distant Area is a setting in the Model Display Panel of the Section's Selection Settings, which if you turn it on, allows you to create different levels of detail so that your Section has multiple ways of displaying the Model:

  • What is cut
  • What shows beyond
  • What shows beyond, farther away

These last two can be differentiated by maybe showing everything beyond the optional Marked Distant Area in a finer pen or in grayscale or without Vectorial Hatching or without Sun Shadows...all of which can be used to make part of what is shown beyond recede further into the background.

3. If the Section is set to only have a limited depth (there is an option for the Section to look beyond infinitely), this is where you control how deep overall the Section is looking.  This might be deeper for Building Sections than in Wall Sections.

 Perhaps this Section needs to look the opposite direction.  The following picture shows what the Marker does, whether the Marker is mirrored, rotated, or the Hotspot indicating the Section's depth is dragged from the left past the section cut line and over to the right.  All three methods produce the same result.

We don't want the Marker Head inside the building; we want it back at the bottom of the cut line where we originally had it placed.

There is a setting in the Marker Panel of the Section's Selection Settings called Flip Marker.

If we place a check in the box, the tail will display in the preview to the right.

Check the results in Plan.