Teamwork Housekeeping

The Teamwork Toolbar:

A little housekeeping, relative to Teamwork Projects:

  • Open / Join Teamwork Projects that you are scheduled to work on. Of course.
  • Reserve only the Elements you need in order to perform the tasks assigned to you, whether those are 3D Model Elements like Walls, Ceilings, Doors, or whether they are Project Settings like Views, Layouts, and Publisher Sets.
  • Send & Receive periodically. Hourly is a good place to start. Every 5 minutes is recommended by one of my ARCHICAD Gurus.
  • Send & Receive, and also Release All if you are leaving for lunch or at the end of the day, at a minimum.
  • If ARCHICAD requests a PLN Backup, hit Continue to allow ARCHICAD to save a PLN Backup to the BIM Server.
  • Exit the Project (File > Exit) at the end of the day, unless you plan on working from home that night.
  • Leave the Teamwork Project (File > Leave Teamwork Project) at the end of the week, unless you plan on working on it over the weekend. This will clean out your Local Data.
  • Shut Down or Restart your machine periodically; over the weekend if you don't typically need to access it then.
  • Clean up Local Data for Projects and Libraries when prompted by ARCHICAD.
  • At the beginning of the following week, Join the Teamwork Project (File > Open > Open/Join Teamwork Project).

If you are having trouble understanding who has what Reserved in the Teamwork Project, you can graphically filter this information using Colored workspaces. Simply select Show Reservation by Users from the drop-down menu to view all Elements in the Project, filtered by the User Color assigned to the User on the BIM Server. In the example below, my User Color is black, and graphically we can easily see that I have the two Exterior Walls (as well as any Doors or Windows associated with those Walls).

There is a setting in the Work Environment (Options > Work Environment > Data Safety & Integrity) that allows ARCHICAD  to "Release All when closing Teamwork Project with Send Changes". This setting is checked in the WEs I've made available, so if you've modified your WE at all, be sure that this setting is checked in yours as well.

Our typical Work Environments include not the Teamwork Toolbar but the Teamwork Palette. This is where we Send & Receive, Release All, filter by Colored Workspaces, and Send and Receive Messages from other Teamwork Users on the Project. It is helpful to move Messages to Completed when you are finished with them, so that you'll more easily notice if another User has sent you a new Message (usually a Request for Reservation of a Project Element).