CJMW Corporate Seal

I’ve recently changed the CJMW Corporate Seal for use in ArchiCAD 18 to use our current name “CJMW Architecture P.A.” and not our mouthful-of-an-old-name “Calloway Johnson Moore & West, P.A.”, but I had not prepared that seal for use in v17.  Why?  I dunno.  It is there now.

 If you update your Libraries in your ongoing v17 Projects (File > Libraries & Objects > Library Manager) and then click the green circle and pick the option to Reload Libraries and Apply all the Changes

…then you’ll be able to add the CJMW Corporate Seal that uses the new and improved name.  In the Library tree, look in CJMW Library V2.0 > Seals, then look for the one NC CJMW.gsm.  Note that the old one has an underscore in the name; the new one does not.

In v18 Projects the CJMW Library is being redone, and its name will be CJMW Library v18.  Also, in the company Library, I've redone the individual Architect's seal Objects, aiming for consistency as well as taking the opportunity to weed out seals for those Architects / Engineers no longer at CJMW.  Also note that there is a Favorite in the v18 Template for the NC CJMW Corporate Seal.

Typical workflow for placing seals and for getting those signed and dated will follow in another post.