Creating a New File

Most of us in the office do not create many new Project files in ArchiCAD.  I worked here for at least a couple years before I started a Project from scratch.  When we do, it is crucial that use our CJMW current Template.

This TPL file is what will pre-load our Layers, Libraries, Favorites, Pens, Views, Layouts, and a lot of other stuff you don't want to have to recreate from scratch.

ArchiCAD installs with a couple of default new file templates - one for Commercial and one for Residential.  When I install ArchiCAD on your machines, I point your ArchiCAD to the CJMW New Project Template, rather than either of the ArchiCAD defaults.

When you select File > New > New...

...you'll next see the following New Project dialog box:

1. Be sure your ArchiCAD is looking for our CJMW template.  In AC18, this will be CJMW v18.tpl, as shown above.  In AC17 this would be Arch 17 Template CJMW 2.0.tpl.  These Template files are located at V:\ArchiCAD\CJMW Project Templates.

Do not "Use Latest Project Settings" instead of starting from the CJMW Template.

If you've got a Project currently open and don't want to close it, put a check in "Launch a new instance of ArchiCAD."

2. You've got an opportunity to pick your Work Environment here as well.  This is of course your arrangement of Palettes and Toolbars, as well as a bunch of other User Settings, like Keyboard Shortcuts and Info Box arrangement.  Current Profile will load your WE as you've most recently used it.  If you're using either of the CJMW WE Profiles I've made available, either for utilizing one or two monitors, you can pick that from the list here.

3. Click New.